Top 10 Tips To Boost Your Creativity

1-Client first

What matters most is your clients expectations : what inspires them? What are they tired of hearing ? What are their very own problems ?. Think about them first, they must be the main source of your creativity.

2-Stay positive

There are no “problems”, just opportunities for solutions. During strong positive moods we get our most creative work done. Love what you do. You know your own mood boosters (quick exercise, envisioning the future, recalling good memories) in order to influence your mood. It is not that hard. Try it. Start by forcing a smile.


daydreaming helps creativity once you are already committed towards a project. it allows the incubation of ideas once you have information to dream on. So be sure to get started on your project before drifting off.


By relaxing, you refreshyour mind. creativity will then flow naturally. Try simple activities like walking, practicing your favorite sport activity, your favorite music. Chill. It’s a must.


Write down your ideas as soon as they come into your head. They come at the strangest moments : when you go to bed, in the toilets, in the shower, as you wake up … write them on the spur. It down clears the mind and you can move on to other ideas.


Ask your friends and family. Rubbing brains together sparkles new ideas. The more ideas, the better.


Am not sure I should say this.. a little alcohol lets us think more broadly, finding connections between unrelated ideas. Alcohol lifts the bareers of self-inhibition ..the same ones that can close the way to creativity.

8-Lay flat

Having your eyes towards the sky improve dreaminess (is that a real world? well you get the idea right?). It is proven that people lying down are better at solving anagrams versus sitting up.

9- get silly

Make faces in the mirror, do some funny walks and make yourself laugh. That will trigger a positive mood and a whole set of positive hormons that improve creativity. It works !

10- transversal

Innovation often comes from thinking transversally. think about how other industries would tackle the problem. What would a kitchen chef do ? what the nature does ? what would a musician do ? what would the army do ?

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